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Catch the sound of our DJ-Sets by listening to our mixtapes filling the space around you with some uplifting music!

15: The Big Beat Tape

14: Global Bass Vol. II

13: Global Bass Vol. l

12: Frohlombo

11: Verlocker

10: Vorlocker

09: Frohkolade

08: Floorrocker

07: Frohklore

06: Ohrlocker

05: Frohkolores

04: Frohlecker

03: Frohlockernachtstraum

02: Frohlockin Breakz

01: Dirty Talk

About Us

"Die Musik tut eine unbeschreibliche Wirkung auf mich, oft ist's wie eine Krankheit, aber nur periodisch; ich sage Dir, eine bewegliche, nicht gerade traurige Musik, oft eine fröhliche, kann mir manchmal mein Innerstes lösen. Da versink ich in die wehmütigsten Phantasien, wo ich die ganze Welt küssend voll Liebe umfassen möchte; wo mir das Kleinliche und Schlimme in seiner ganzen Nichtigkeit und wo mir ALLES in einem andern, verklärten Lichte erscheint." (Eduard Mörike)

The Frohlocker have accrued from a periodical club session of the same name, which was brought to life in Kaiserslautern (Germany) in early 2006. By mixing a wide variety of groovy, breaky musical styles, they didn’t take much time to capture a key position among the local party culture. From the outset, the excellent team play behind the turntables has been complemented by intense studio works, which in turn are regularly tested on the dancefloor. Frohlocker’s own produce reflect the wide variety of influences and breach gridlocked genres. Their well reputated remixes for The Juju Orchestra, The Bahama Soul Club, DJ Farrapo and Dj ClicK and three own maxi releases on Galopp Records brought some attention from all around the globe.
The masterminds behind Frohlocker are Wanja Sälzer and Gabriel Zahn. During the last ten years Wanja Saelzer gained DJing experience in countless localities, beginning with Broken Beat, Big Beat and Trip-Hop. Now as part of Frohlocker, this pays off especially regarding the question whether a tune works out on the dancefloor. From his early days on, Gabriel Zahn enjoyed a musical breeding and is producing music for more than a decade now. Based on experiences in Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop and film score, as part of Frohlocker he is focusing on dance music in the broader sense.


Listen to original Frohlocker material, some remixes and little, free edits.

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